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The James Joyce Scholar's Collection  
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General Resources->Digital Repositories
English Literature->Prose & Novel->By Period->20th Century

This website is a part of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collection. The selected works compiled in this site are several valuable books on Jame's works- such as Ulyssess, Dubliners, and Finnegans wake - currently out-of-print. It provides full texts of scholarly and critical data.

Both the individual works and the collection can be browsed and searched by keyword, but users are advised to consult the table of contents and indexes in the individual books in order to conduct a thorough search for specific information on the texts. Through "Browse the collection" menu, you can browse the contents either by book title or by author. The only drawback is that the downloading texts or data is troublesome. The contents can be only shown and saved page by page. Therefore, it is more suitable to browse or search some key words you are interested in first and refer to the selected pages, rather than viewing the whole book.

URL : http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/JoyceColl/

Keyword(s) : 20th British writer, James Joyce, E-text, Digital Collections, finnegans Wake, Glossary


The NY Times-Angela Carter  
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English Literature->Prose & Novel->By Period->Contemporary

A collection of reviews and featured articles about Angela Carter and her works.
In this feature section, you can find reviews of Angela Carter's earlier books and articles about and by Angela Carter.

Reviews of Angela Carter’s earlier books are listed as follows:
'Honeybuzzard' (1967) 'Several Perceptions' (1969) 'Heroes and Villains' (1970) ’The War of Dreams' (1974) 'The Sadeian Woman' (1979) 'The Bloody Chamber' (1980) 'Nights at the Circus' (1985) 'Saints and Strangers' (1986) 'Wise Children,' reviewed by Joyce Carol Oates (1992) 'Burning Your Boats,' reviewed by Alison Lurie (1996).

Articles about and by Angela Carter are listed as follows:
Angela Carter Reviews Thomas Keneally's 'A Dutiful Daughter' (1971) Is Santa Claus Really St. Nicholas Or Just Some Jolly, Beert Old Elf? by Angela Carter (December 7, 1986) Angela Carter, 51, British Writer of Fantasy With Modern Morals (February 19, 1992) Angela Carter, 1940-92: A Very Good Wizard, a Very Dear Friend, by Salman Rushdie (March 8, 1992)

You can also find related Links of Wendy Steiner Reviews 'Shaking a Leg' (December 27, 1998) and First Chapter of 'Shaking a Leg' in a digitalized text.

Each article is brief but deals specifically with the works of Angela Carter. Many of them contains a personal overview of the book or the author.

You have to subscribe to the site to see the articles for free.

URL : http://www.nytimes.com/books/98/12/27/specials/carter.html

Keyword(s) : Contemporary British Writer, Angela Carter, News article, Review, New York Times, 


New Version of Unofficial Angela Carter Site by Andrew Miline  
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English Literature->Prose & Novel->By Period->Contemporary

Unofficial Angela Carter website serviced by Andrew Miline
This is a new version of the Unofficial Angela Carter Site, which was well constructed and greatly run by the owner. This website has almost similar contents as the previous Angela Carter Site, but now you can enjoy the professionally designed layout and moving flash, so it is fun to surf on this website.

You can get information on Angela Carter's Biography, Bibliography, and a few sites where you can read articles on the works of this author. In the Biography section, you can acess to the National Portrait Gallery, so find out various pictures of her.

In the Bibliography section, you'll see the cover of those books written by Angela Carter, so it would be pleasant to look around to see each copy of her books. The section is divided into Novels/ Short Stories/ Children's Stories/ Poetry/ Radio/ Film and Television/ Philosophy and Art/ Editor, which makes you easily find out what you're looking for and get some information you haven't know.
Interestingly, this site provides a Chat Room and Message Board as the old version did. If you have a question about her works or related matters, you can post your question on this message board. Then you might get a quick answer from those netizens who are interested in or majoring in Angela Carter like you.
There is more. The site added news articles the service provider selected and more information on books. In addition, if you are interested in purchasing books, you can just click the cover of the book and to be taken to Amazon.com.

URL : http://www.angelacartersite.co.uk/

Keyword(s) : Contemporary British Writer, Angela Carter, Critical theory, Postmodernism, Feminism, News


Voice of the Shuttle  
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General Resources->Cultural and Historical Contexts
English Literature->Prose & Novel->Ethnics->Asian American Literature

"Voice of the Shuttle" is one of the most famous and well-made web sites for humanists. It started in late 1994 for the purpose of giving introduction to the web for humanists at the University of California, Santa Barbara. And since then, VOS has performed well its mission to give annotated guide to on-line resources relating humanities.
Especially, this page gives Asian American authors information. It is very convenient that authors are classified by their races and those races are specified- Burmese, Chinese, Filipina, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Pakistani, and Vietnamese American. However, in each racial classification, there are just a few authors, and some categories are not available.

URL : http://vos.ucsb.edu/browse.asp?id=3131

Keyword(s) : asian,  author


Virginia Woolf International  
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English Literature->Journals
English Literature->Prose & Novel->By Period->20th Century

This webpage is a collection of links to e-texts (html and PDF format) from "Virginia Woolf International", a special issue of the South Carolina Review.
It consists simply of listed e-texts. It does not provide any author's biography or original texts, but contains critical essays on diverse topics and perspectives. The papers provided here are from a conference, by several writers from different countries.
It is a very useful source to get some academic papers on Woolf.

URL : http://www.clemson.edu/caah/cedp/SCRThemed_Iss_VWoolf.htm

Keyword(s) : 20th British writer, Virginia Woolf, Essays, criticism


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