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Athol Fugard  
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This site is Iain Fisher's personal page providing introductory information on Athol Fugard. This site is exceptional in that it gives the useful annotation of Fugard's works and his background.

Ian Fisher organizes the characteristics of Fugard's works by the times and epitomizes several terminologies to understand his plays easily. In addition, Ian attempts to introduce a complete annotated guide to the scholarly resources available and present useful books and articles. Many interesting pictures related with Fugard are noticeable, too. This abundant information is very useful to the beginners who study him and his works.

This site is convenient for users to search information through the search system. what leaves something to be desired is that this page has no any text of Fugard.

URL : http://www.iainfisher.com/fugard.html

Keyword(s) : Athol Fugard, Master Harold and the Boys, The Blood Knot, Hello Boesman and Lena, Klaas and the Devil , The Cell,  No-Good Friday , Nongogo, The Coat


The Imperial Archive  
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This site provides resources for all those interested in the influence of the British imperial process on literature from the 19th through the 21st centuries. Using colonial discourse and post-colonial theory as a point of departure, some pages examine the British idea of 'Empire' and the colonial enterprise in a selected range of 19th-century authors and their work; others consider 20th and 21st-century texts, in an attempt to understand how imperialism affected literary texts produced in Britain's former colonies.

The Section of "Imperial Archive" indicates political and cultural history of Australia, Canada, India, The Carribean, Ireland, Nigeria and other African regions. In addition, this section also gives Transnational Imperial & Post-colonial Themes, Key Concepts in Post-Colonial Studies, more than 50 links of post colonial sites but many of them do not work.

The pages are authored by students working on the MA degree in Modern Literary Studies in the School of English at the Queen's University of Belfast.

URL : http://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/SchoolofEnglish/imperial/imperial.htm

Keyword(s) : drama, colonial,  postcolonial,  aime cesaire, shakespeare, 


A Tempest  
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"A Tempest," which is an adaptation of the Shakespeare's original work, was written in 1969 by a French writer, Aimne Cesaire. And it was translated into English in 1985 by Richard Miller. It is written with the postcolonial view.

It originally offers the colonial & Postcolonial Literature. Cesaire's 'A Tempest' is one of this kind of literary works. It links to other colonial & postcolonial works from English/American, Indian/Native American, African, Carribean, Latin American and Middle Eastern.
It also have 4 historical and theological texts. It offers short introduction of the work, biography of wrtiter, links, teaching point

The contents are mainly for the high school students.
However It is good enough for anyone who doesn't know about the postcolonial literary or who is interested in the postcolonial literary.

URL : http://www.wmich.edu/dialogues/texts/atempest.html

Keyword(s) : drama, shakepeare, the tempest, adaptation, post colonial, rewriting, aime cesaire, a tempest, post colonialsim


Athol Fugard  
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This site is a section from the Theatre Forum of the University of California, San Diego. It provides information on playwright Harold Athol Lanigan Fugard and his play "Sorrows and Rejoicings."

You can find a brief biography of Furgard, and an analysis and contextual background of "Sorrows and Rejoicings," including Furgard's relation to this particular play, the setting, the characters, the plot, the main themes, a few significant quotes, references to Furgard's "Notebooks," trivia information on Fugard himself, critiques, production information, and many photos of various productions.

This site has a lot of information not only on facts on the playwright and his work, but also much data on Fugard's personal aspect, and on the productions. However, it is not divided into separate links, so it may require a patient task of scrolling through the information, though it is definitely worth your time.

URL : http://www-theatre.ucsd.edu/TF/fugard.html

Keyword(s) : Athol Fugard, Drama, Dramatists, 20th century


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English Literature->Drama->Europe & others

This site is A homepage on J. M. Synge and provides an overview of what the homepage is about on the main page.

The contents are clearly stated. There is a link to the site's section "defense on an examination", Synge's historical context, a relevant biography, Synge as a dramatist, critical acclaims in the past, and a critic's examination of paganism in "Riders to the Sea". Increasing criticism on his work, anthropological evidence, an annotated bibliography, and links to five other sites about this particular playwright are also available.

In each section, the pages are linked by a 'next' button which can be inconvenient for a quick search. However, this website still contains information which may help you to find valuable information on Synge, making it worthwhile.

URL : http://athena.english.vt.edu/~marvin/syngeweb/cover.html

Keyword(s) : Synge, Riders to the Sea, Drama, Dramatists, Irish Dramatists, 20th century, drama, Irish drama


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