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The World of London Theatre 1660-1800  
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English Literature->Drama->By period->17th century/Restoration
English Literature->Drama->By period->18th century
English Literature->Drama->Theater&Film
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English Literature->Theory & Studies->Theatre Studies
General Resources->Cultural and Historical Contexts

This website attempts to approach plays as not simply a printed text, but a dramatic performance that is seen and heard, as well as read—a “world” that exists in several dimensions. Various aspects of this “world” are looked into, and the division of sub-categories is as follows:

1. Timeline: A chronological timeline that shows the history (and development) of the London Theater, from Pre-1660 to 1800 and after.
2. Places: A map shows the streets of London in the year 1762, and various places, and their significance, are introduced in detail.
3. WWW: Electronic links to additional internet resources are given.
4. Bibliography: A bibliography of helpful written resources.
5. London Life: Quotes from texts which depict the contemporary life in London in the years 1660-1800, from topics such as the situation of women to the use of wigs.
6. People: An alphabetical list of people who influenced the London theater, either as actors/actresses, playwrights, producers, and critics, etc. Pictures are shown for visual aid.
7. Pictures: Pictures of people, costumes, theaters, advertisements, etc. Quality of pictures is not great.
8. Plays: A brief introduction of some Restoration and 18th-century plays, with links to critical discussions for some.
9. Casts: The year in which the respective plays were opened and the venue in which they were performed, along with the original cast is shown here.
10. Comments: Some comments on Wilmot, Earl of Rochester are provided.
11. Production Arts: Technical aspects, such as lighting and scenic design, that were used in the British theaters in the 18th-century are discussed here.
12. Reviews(Modern Productions): Reviews of contemporary productions and revivals can be read.

The website is generally very helpful and provides some very interesting facts and details. The user interface, however, is not exquisite, and much improvement could be made in the font, the layout, the quality of images, etc. Leaving such shortcomings aside, the website will prove to be useful for those studying the history of the British theater.

URL : http://www.nwe.ufl.edu/~pcraddoc/lonmen1.html

Keyword(s) : Theatre and drama , London theater , British Plays , London life


Brecht, HSC Online  
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English Literature->Drama->Theater&Film
English Literature->Theory & Studies->Theatre Studies
English Literature->Drama->By period->20th century

This site was created by Charles Sturt University. It contains hyperlinks with helpful headings, making it easier for the reader to access the information.

The homepage is well-categorized, and is convenient in finding any specific material provided here. Looking over Brecht's biography, the historical, cultural, artistic, scientific, and political context, the features of Brechtian drama including the Epic Theater, the stage, technology, acting style, movement and jester, the alienation effect, and music, this site contains a good balance of in-depth information and brief. Playbuilding activities that could be used in workshops are also listed, and there are four informative essays on four of Brecht's texts. Additional activities are also linked. In the middle of the texts there are various pictures. A bibliography is also added, providing more reading material.

Overall, a helpful, well-organized website.

URL : http://hsc.csu.edu.au/drama/hsc/studies/brecht/2758/Brecht.htm

Keyword(s) : Brecht, Drama, 20th century, Dramatists, German drama, Dramatic criticism


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English Literature->Drama->Theater&Film
English Literature->Theory & Studies->Theatre Studies
English Literature->Drama->By period->20th century

This is a site created to help students in the United Kingdom take examinations in English literature, drama, or theater arts, and which could also be helpful to students who are interested in modern theater or Bertolt Brecht. With hyper-links at the top of the page that quickly guide the user to particular sections of the homepage, it is a convenient site to get information.

The most interesting feature about this site is that it contains various views of Brecht, his plays, and their production. Possibly because this site was founded for exam preparation, the information under each category is brief and concise. In addition to looking over Brecht's plays, there are also sections that deal with his dramatic theories, rehearsals, acting theories, a Brecht dictionary, and some examples of possible exam questions.

This is a very effective site to get a general overview of Brecht. However, there is not much in-depth information or any links that lead to other recommendable websites.

URL : http://www.universalteacher.org.uk/drama/brecht.htm

Keyword(s) : Brecht, Modern Drama, Dramatic criticism, Dramatists, 20th century Drama


Waiting for Godot and Samuel Beckett  
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English Literature->Drama->Theater&Film
English Literature->Theory & Studies->Theatre Studies
English Literature->Drama->By period->20th century

This is Penelope Merritt's interesting page on Waiting for Godot and Samuel Beckett.

This site contains analysis, performance notes, explication, and lots of other items of Waiting for Godot. Visitors can get a lot of information on the staging and production history, symbolism and texts, also. Although layout of this page is neat and simple, Some of texts are unreadable.

URL : http://www.samuel-beckett.net/Penelope/Godot_intro.html

Keyword(s) : Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett, Dramatists, 20th century, Drama


Women Writers Spring 2007  
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English Literature->Theory & Studies->Critical Theory
English Literature->Theory & Studies->Gender Studies
English Literature->Theory & Studies->Theatre Studies
English Literature->Drama->By period->20th century

A paper entitled "The Language of Caryl Churchill: the Rhythms of Feminist Theory, Acting Theory, and Gender Politics", written in 1999 by a John A. Price, Ph.D. candidate in The University of Texas at Dallas . This article mainly touches on Churchill's views as a feminist, gender politics revealed in her works.

URL : http://www.womenwriters.net/editorials/PriceEd1.htm

Keyword(s) : Caryl Churchill,  Drama, feminism, gender, English drama, Feminist drama, 20th century, Feminist theory,  Gender politics, English Dramatists, Women authors


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